Entering birthdate


Please allow users to enter free text here instead of scrolling through the calendar: your default date is in 1990 and this takes me 240 taps to get to my month and year. I have had 2 days of trying to do this which then causes the app to crash. The crashing issue is now resolved, after tapping over 1,000 times! For any new users, this method of entering a date is potentially headache inducing if they are over 27.


Hello Kaybar,

Usually (at least on Android), if you click on the small year shown on the top part, you’re offered a quick option to choose a specific year. I don’t know if you were talking about Android or iOS :slight_smile:


I’m on Android!! Did not know that. Nor is it obvious IMO… (Thankfully reinstalling made this redundant)


So, I guess this solved the problem? :smile:
It’s a feature of Android on its own, not :r:'s implementation


Is it though? Because I’ve been an Android user for 10 years and I’ve entered by birthdate many, many times… and don’t recall ever having this problem before.


On the latest Android (non-modified) versions, yes :slight_smile:
However, it’s also true that :r: can (and probably should) modify that style to make it more intuitive or accesible :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a showstopper issue but I find it useful for demoing broken UIs and lack of user testing.