Entered incorrect cvv number when topping up

I just went to top up my Revolut card but entered the wrong cvv number for my linked debit card. The app then told me they had sent me a text message with a code to confirm payment. However I am currently in Colombia and canmot receive texts… is there any other way to fix this?

Have you tried to top up again with right cvv ?

I remember myself entering it wrong few times,but on 3rd go it went.
Never recieved messages of any kind.

Have you contacted them via in-app chat? (Support). Do not forget to type live agent

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Thanks! Have tried this a few times now but still not working

Yes but there was a four hour wait for a live agent and I still haven’t heard anything

Maybe it’s the time for Plan B- contact via DM on Twitter or here with @anon33247966

Send me a direct message and I will help you :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m still having a problem with this. I have changed my phone number to my friend’s number on my profile, but the code is still being sent to my phone. Thanks

Please contact me via a direct message.