Enough is enough


Totally fed up with issues concerning slow support, waiting hours to get an answer, then answering and finding support is closed. Revolut is a great idea but I have other cards and products that offer me similar functionality. They aren’t integrated but the benefit and timesaving of integration within revolut is simply lost due to support issues or contstart identification issues. I’ve lost time how many occasions I have uploadedicated documents.


Totally agree. Been trying for days to verify. They need 4 pictures… but I was quoted 12 hr queue and 4 hr. Both if which came back late in the evening (kids bedtine) and then disappeared offline before I could respond. There isn’t even an option to send the photo’s so someone can deal with it in due course!!


ALLELUIA ! Finally, after struggling for 3 months with Revolut amateurism, unefficiency and complete disorganization … I AM OFF THE HOOK. I got my money back

Revolut is a brilliant idea, poorly managed… I learnt at my expenses that when a service is free, you become the product (aka GAFAs). Revolut’s clearly announced objective is not to create a working service but to get as many users (YOU) as possible and sell the company hundreds of millions. So, they do not hire people to get the work done but to APOLOGIZE.

What can you expect in the future ? To be poorly treated, to loose your time trying to get simple things done and end up finally with a bitter taste in your mouth…

I am leaving extremely unsatisfied, but I have a great new topic for my next novel… It’s title ? REVOLUT…
The story of a former Russian FX trader who made a fortune selling his fintech startup after fooling millions of users…

Happy to kiss you goodbye…


WOW where did you read Revolut has been sold? Give us references please, this is new.


totally useless customer service from revolut,any alternatives?


Tech startups tend to IPO instead of selling out via M&A.


They blocked my ACCOUNT again,no reason given,no messages.Imagine you are in a FOREIGN COUNTRY and ALL your cash is linked to this card and they block you! What will you do? The PSYCHOLOGICAL stress,depression,emotional stress which you will go through there!! Where will you buy the food from? The medicine,hospital bills etc,The REVOLUT customer service AVERAGE reply time is about 6 hours! Horrible,just horrible! There are no words to describe REVOLUT,just awful!!


Sorry for you mate… I’m new to Revolut but I’ll always have a backup when traveling…


They dont care,some of their staff is HORRIBLE,They just block you for no reason.They dont even bother to message you.Imagine if you are stuck in a foreign country and they block you there,How will you pay for food,medicine etc…Its just so so so so horrible the way they treat you.They have no RESPECT for you!


They have respect for your funds, imagine how much you would have yelled if your funds were fraudulently stolen from you. Locking down the account happens when something out of the ordinary is detected with accounts.

Always top up with accounts / cards in your own name and verify identity aswell as top-up cards well before travelling. Not doing this seems to be the reason behind most of the lockdowns.


The account was already VERIFIED ages ago,They block you once,UNBLOCK you,then BLOCK you again,then unblock you again,then it goes on and on and on…They have no respect for you,Its a joke!


Lfc84>They are taking 8 hours on AVERAGE to reply back


Totally useless service


What exactly happened between them unblocking your account and then reblocking it again? Which transactions did you do or attempt to do in detail? List everything that is somewhat related to your account.


if i am in a foreign land or traveling abroad,how the hell am i gonna get access to a pc or printer or documents in an isolated place or village? you go on holidays to enjoy not to engage in these problems or issues…try to THINK alessandro…isnt it better to go to a company who is RELIABLE and STABLE??


So you attempted transactions which can trigger an alarm on your account?


no,how do you DEFINE ‘‘alarming transactions’’ ones which have BELLS stuck to them? hahahaha


do you WORK for revolut alessandro??


Oh Christ, I knew I should not have started that conversation. :roll_eyes:


3 months! No compensation for the psychological torture they put you through? what a shame!!