Enhancing Revolut Community with Independent Sub-Accounts

Dear Revolut Community Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share some feedback regarding a feature I believe could greatly enhance the Revolut experience: the introduction of independent sub-accounts with unique sort codes, account numbers, and associated debit cards.

As a user who values efficient budgeting and financial management, I find that the current pocket feature offers some utility, but it falls short of meeting all my needs. While pockets are useful for segregating funds, they lack the autonomy and versatility I desire in managing different aspects of my finances.

By converting pockets into independent sub-accounts, each with its own sort code, account number, and dedicated debit card, users like myself would gain greater control and organization over our finances. This enhancement would enable us to allocate funds more precisely, track expenses more effectively, and adhere to budgeting goals with greater ease.

Furthermore, independent sub-accounts would facilitate seamless integration with external systems and services, enhancing Revolut’s compatibility and appeal to a broader audience.

I believe that implementing this feature would not only enrich the Revolut experience for existing users but also attract new users who prioritize comprehensive financial management tools. I am confident that the Revolut Community shares my commitment to continuous improvement, and I hope that this suggestion resonates with your team.

Thank you for considering my feedback. I look forward to seeing the evolution of Revolut’s offerings and contributing to its ongoing success.

Warm regards,

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While you’re certainly describing popular concept, how would you combine this with Revolut’s FX platform?

Currently, a payment is deducted from an available balance when you’re holding this currency in your account. Pockets can only hold funds in one currency. If you would link card payments and direct debits directly to pockets, it sidesteps Revolut’s multi currency feature. There are of course ways to deal with it. Have pockets in many currencies, build a somewhat if-this-then-that logic into the app to tell it what to do when the payment is not in the denominated currency …

I would prefer a more seamless way for a retail product, to be honest. Something like Up’s budget features. Revolut’s business platform does support multiple accounts in the same currency. But I am not convinced that it’s the best strategy to provide better envelope budgeting for the retail app if it comes at the cost of complicating Revolut’s FX platform.


@iicemusic Hello, Welcome to the community. :wave: We appreciate your input! We’re always looking for ways to improve, and we’ll be sure to let our team know about your suggestion. :rocket:

@Frank Thank you for your insights. :star:

Veda | Community team