Enforced delay between depositing money and transferring out - why isn't this made clear?


After a weekend with friends I owe a couple of them money. The friends in question are based in the Netherlands, and so I want to transfer what I owe in EUR. I’m UK based with normal UK / GBP accounts with high street banks. Traditionally I’ve always used TransferWise for payments such as these and have never had any issues.

I figured today that I’d try Revolut. I’ve had an account for some time, but never used it to pay other people in EUR before. I loaded my account (using ApplePay) turned the circa £300 into EUR, and added the two new payees.

However all payments to the new payees fail, and I get a message telling me to contact support. Having contacted support, I was told by Olga “please make sure you topup well in advance before transferring funds out”, and when I then asked her what this meant (and pointed out that nowhere in the app is there any suggestion that funds aren’t immediately able to use), and asked when my funds would be available she told me “this is unfortunately not revealed either to support that or to clients”.

This is a frankly ludicrous situation. Revolut are sitting on my money for an unknown period of time, and I’m not able to send it to it’s intended destination. Limitations like this need to be highlighted clearly and upfront. I wouldn’t have messed around with Revolut for this transaction if I’d known this severe and hidden limitation.


Hey there! As soon as the funds hit your account you have access to them, there is no delay in terms of when you made the top up. We can certainly look into the reason this failed. I have written you a private message!


Hi. Thanks for the private messages we exchanged in which I was told that the funds are available for use. However they clearly aren’t as I have made a couple of attempts today to withdraw the funds to my own UK bank account, and receive the same error message each time asking me to contact support.

I want my money back, yet am unable to initiate such a transfer. What is going on? You say the funds are available for use. Why can’t I use them to withdraw back to my current account? I’ve jumped through every validation step that was asked of me. You can not possibly have any legitimate reason for keeping hold of my funds.

Please contact me immediately explaining how you are going to return my funds to me. If you are unable to do so, please provide me with details of your complaints procedure. I don’t want to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman but that is starting to feel like my only course of action.


Please can someone from Revolut offer me some proper support on this.

Update: Thanks to support received on Twitter, this issue is now resolved. I understand that for whatever reason this was flagged by some security measure, and I’m very sympathetic to the need for you to implement such measures, however I do strongly believe that your in-app customer support need to be better able to communicate and resolve these issues when they arise.


Hey there, thank you for taking the time to reach out and for the feedback. It is our top priority to minimise the wait time and I apologise for any delay you’ve faced. Please reach out if you need anything.