End of weekend conversion rate overhead


I we needto convert currency on weekends, there is a small overhead to the conversion rate.
Isn’t it viable to just use friday’s conversion rate on weekends?

During my last stay in London, I was completly aware of that overhead, but i forgot to convert from EUR to GBP for the weekend, so i ended up by slightly overpaying on my payments during the weekend (which i must say still turns out to be more advantageous than using my bank card)


Hi there!

The slight markup on Fridays closing is applied to protect from fluctuations that may occur.


If you look at the historical data for GBP/EUR/USD fx you will notice that the opening rates on Mondays could well be out by more than 0.5% especially where some bad news cropped up over weekend.

Just make sure you do not forget to exchange on a weekday the next time round:)