Enabled to link my existing Revolut card


Hi, I recently tried to transfer money to my account on Revolut but when I opened the app, it made me redo the inscription process in which I had to give another phone number (from another country.) All of the sudden, my money has gone! I tried to link my existing card but it refuses unless I verify my account (which required at least a 10£ deposit.) Now that I’ve verified my account I still cannot link my existing card! Any solution to this problem? If I do, will it merge with the 10£ I’ve just put in? Thank you


This is not a bug. Your phone number is your account identifier. You need to contact support to merge your two accounts.


Uh oh! No worries, type ‘Live Agent’ via chat and an agent will be happy to help you change the phone number on your account. :slight_smile: