Enable top-ups via SEPA direct debit


It would be a nice feature to get the Revolut account topped up using SEPA direct debits and charge directly your own bank account…

PayPal can do that (only when purchasing something, however), so technically I believe it is possible and also free of charge.



I also suggested the same to Revolut. I explained to the customer service how the SEPA direct debit works. Let’s keep our fingers crossed… :slight_smile:


Any development on this?


So instead of using Three, I subscribed to giffgaff because of this big issue. I’ll see how it will be.


It certainly should work for auto top ups. German Telekom’s mobile wallet “my wallet” had a direct debit option. One could have used it like Revolut’s auto top up. Every time, the balance fell below a set threshold, new money was deducted from a current account via direct debit.

It also worked as kind of a credit function. One could have used the “my wallet Mastercard” for payments that were higher than the balance that was available on the Mastercard itself, very similar to how Paypal handles this. This “direct debit routed through a Mastercard” feature was limited to customers with solid credit history.