Enable roundup on bank transfers and Revolut transfers.


So currently I use the roundup feature as a way to easily save, but more importantly, it keeps my balance always as even. I don’t like having a balance that isn’t even!

So whenever my friends split bills with me it stops my balance being even, since its rarely even ever a £X0. 00 balance.

If this could be added so bank transfers and transfers to Revolut would be rounded too, I’d much appreciate it.


If R implements this, please make it optional. I usually always top-up odd amounts, becouse I like my underlaying card(s) to have even balance. :laughing:


Better not enable any roundup acceleration then. This will make your balance uneven. :sweat_smile:


I would also like it to be optional /).(\

I considered it a while back but I’d rather Revolut add the option to round to the next pound, if you get what I mean. Rather than making my balance uneven!


I will say no thanks
I don’t want that on my account