Enable 3rd Party Payments


I like to be able to receive Payments via Revolut - for example ROI out of an Investment or a Company is paying back an Investment or a Buyer is paying an Ebay item


Hi @Struffel,

We do not accept transfer/top ups form third parties. As the transfers have to come under the beneficiary’s name.


I know exactly, thats why I ask for it!

Can someone explain me what is the differences between 3 rd Party Payment (bad in your eyes - in my eyes 100 is still 100 not the question who is paying them) and someone out of my contacts send me money what finally could be anyone as anyone couldd add me - or?


I agree. If the money comes from a UK/EU bank account, Revolut should be relieved from AML compliance obligations (as the UK/EU bank is assumed to have performed all of the necessary AML checks when accepting the money). Therefore, it’s no different to someone sending you money through Revolut. Looks like a marketing tool to me - incentivising your contacts to join Revolut :slight_smile: