Embossed card

Hi there,
I have a short question, the premium cards are embossed? I saw some pictures but neither of them were embossed. If you have a premium please help me find out. Thanks

Sadly, nope… :cry:

In case of embossed card needed, you’ll have to provide the standard one or another bank card.

And this can happen:
Hotels in remote areas (lack of internet/ electricity) - happened in November, embossed saved me.
Airplanes - they won’t accept anything that looks non credit card, even if technically it works
Some shops which for some reason don’t have online connection

This is how it looks

Is nice but sometimes attract weird eyes (took 10 mins to pay in a supermarket in manila because they were looking at the card like at UFO :laughing:)

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Hi Alex,
Thank you for your reply. Appreciate that. So I have to order a Basic card also because it won’t accepted in hotels.

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