Embed 'Revolut as a payment option' to E-commerce sites

Hi, David

I m very interested too … is there any news on this project

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Hey @hadic, @gjeras, check our PrestaShop Revolut module, it’s a light version but it may help you.
Once revolut offers payment processing support for the API we are ready to make the implementation.

This would be amazing if possible to offer direct payments like Paypal etc. I would be interested in a module for OpenCart, if anyone can do it?

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My business and I are currently shopping around for a ecommerce solution, and accepting Revolut payments would be a definite factor in our choice.


Any updates on this? I love revolut for personal use and looking to bring it into my business and web development for woocommerce.


Yes I know and also I think everyone who’s using PayPal or similar would like to use Revolut as a Gateway Payment(woocommerce in my case). I can send you privately the website(s)

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I’m interested too fir WooCommerce. Thanks!

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I am also very interested.

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Something is in Beta:

Hey guys, is anyone still interested in this feature ? We at congruentdev might be able to pick it up and develop a plugin based on merchant api. Just prospecting the market so to say…


It will be a great option to have

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absolutely, i’m most surprised it still doesn’t exist


I’m no e-commerce website but I would use it on a day to day basis also. Also for donations… the closest thing we have for this right now is the “new” username links like https://pay.revolut.com/profile/,which is kinda tedious. you can’t use it on a desktop browser (only on mobile so it can redirect you to revolut app)

Is it ok to use the logo? I’m also interested to use it on a website :slight_smile: even though currently the closest think we have for payments are the ones through username links like this https://pay.revolut.com/profile/

definetely, currently i’m using the new username feature, but it’s very tedious… you have to access it from a mobile browser to redirect you in revolut app.
e.g. take a look at the bottom of this readme https://github.com/andreipradan/telegrambot/

Revolut are in the process of a logo redesign but permission would be needed to use any logo.

Okay so as it turns out, this plugin has been missing because in order to implement it (as an Open Banking solution) any developer has to jump through hoops and basically become a certified PISP (which ain’t gonna happen in our case). We’ll try to self sign SSA and see if we can go around this regulatory red tape, but chances are slim to none.
So we’d best wait for the Merchant API which let’s you introduce the payment option with a card (using the Merchant API which is in closed beta). Let’s get an answer on when that’s going to be publicly available.

Do you know by any how would I have to do that?
Is there an email I can reach out to ask for permission?

From the FAQs “We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, just send us a message via our in-app chat support.”. HTH

I think, I can share the idea with my company, we sell subscriptions with creditcard about millions USD in every month, but we need multiple accounts for multiple company, and we would like to accept multiple currencies.
I think, you should support some kind of credit card tokenization with PSD2 support. It would be nice, if it work somehow same way as CyberSource’s Flex Microform. Of course, users can pay by Revolut directly too, maybe with phone number, or QR code, but it should support recurring payments.