Embed 'Revolut as a payment option' to E-commerce sites

Hello guys,

Is it on your plans to offer ‘embed links’ for ‘Revolut as a payment method’ to e-shop developers? Would it be possible with standard Revolut account or Bussines only?

I think this feature would serve for Revolut to be more visible and attract more new customers to sign up. Also it would serve for businesses allowing them to offer their customers an alternative payment method for their purchases.


Feature will be coming soon.


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Hi r3v,

We’re looking into offering this in the near future. Do you know any e-commerce websites that would be interested in that solution?



Hi Val,

I don’t know one at the moment, but I think many would be interested.

There is a list of merchants that can’t accept Revolut MasterCards somewhere in this forum. I am thinking Revolut sales team could focus on them first. What do you think?

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Thinking of freelancing individuals I think this should be available not only for business account holders.

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Hey there! I have two current businesses that this would be very interesting for!

hello … I wanted to pay for some online purchases and it does not work … what could I do?


Anyone using paypal, braintree, etc, to accept payments on their websites.

Technically speaking you have almost all or all infrastructure and knowledge to become their direct and cheaper competitor in transfering money AND accepting/processing online payments.

If you need a project manager for that - don’t hesitate reaching me with your proposal. There are as well few other projects that you could be interested to assure your growth.

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This is a great idea and should be created via Revolut Business API. I would be more than happy to create Revolut payment gateway modules for Woocommerce and WHMCS. I would be over the moon with this feature.


In the meantime at our stand at wine fairs we are looking at displaying a large :r: with the legend “Revolut here!” in three languages.
Customers can then use the “find” option and we will get immediate payment notification.


Is there any updates regarding payment gateway through Revolut? Thanks!

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I am interested as well on this . LEt me know when you enable it !

I am interested too.
A checkout link like paypal to receive payments wold be great! :smiley:

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Hi David, did you manage to look at https://www.revolut.com/open-api could you create a pluging for Woocommerce I would purchase it!

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Hi Mag8891,

Yes, I did check the API. I am planning to create plugins for Woocommerce and WHMCS platforms as soon as the required features go live on the API. Please send me your email address in a private message and I will notify you when there is an update on this.

Best regards,


Hi, David

Great to hear from you!

Here is my email Mag8891@gmail.com

Waiting for your plugin!

Many thanks.


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This is an excellent idea! When Revolut reached 4 million users and a rate of 1 million new users per quarter. I started to imagine that in the future, there will be a new giant among Visa & mastercard called revolut card. And with the news that Revolut started to develop an international platform for instant and free money transfer, this dream of mine has became more possible than ever.

That in mind, I think that could be a pillar stone in developing Revolut as a new international payement method and this will also motivate more and more businesses to join revolut Business.

Waht do you think is a good name for it?

  1. Revolut Pay
  2. Revpay
  3. Payolut
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Yes! Payment button like paypal or card gateway for e-commerce. This is the way! For me Prestashop module please :innocent:

And next step physical terminals - now I use SumUp so if it will be possible to have all business in one app, wohoaaa :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this project ???


Hi Hadic.
We are preparing free Prestashop plugin for revolut payments, will be available soon on http://gitlab.com/truegym/

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