Email when a top-up is successful?


Hi there,

Maybe I have a local bug but I don"t get any notifications when a top-up is successful.

Would it at least possible to get an email notification?



Hi @thomas,

Make sure you have enabled the notifications.

To do that Go to the Notification Center, you will see a toggle switch. Tap the off button to enable push notifications for this app. You have the option to choose no alert, banners, or alerts. Tap the Banners icon and every time this app sends you a notification about an update, it will appear in the banner form. - iPhone.

To enable or disable push notifications in your Android device:

Click or tap Apps > Settings > MORE.
Click or tap Application manager > DOWNLOADED.
Click or tap your Arlo app .
Click or tap Show notifications to enable or disable push notification



Ok nice. I had the app blocked for autostart.

Anyway I think a additional notification by email would be great !



Hi. I have the same problem on my iPhone. Revolut is not listed in the Notifications Centre list of apps!