Email verification leads to signup


Recently Revolut started to insist on an email verification, however it would appear as if that doesnt work.

Starting the verification process does send an email, however the verification in the subsequent email does not verify anything but leads to a signup page instead.

@AndreasK, any chance to have this fixed?


Did you click the link on another device than your smartphone?
I didn’t work when I clicked it on my PC but on my smartphone that opened the link with :r:


It’s definitely buggy, but a workaround would be to copy the link and paste it into the browser on your mobile device.

(It did work with the beta version on my iPhone without this extra step. But Android users reported copy + paste resolved it.)


Thanks @Daidai and @Frank, but you ought to be kidding, right? :slight_smile:

It cant be that Revolut couldnt get a standard email verification working, can it?



And that was precisely the reason. Opening the verification link switches to the application where the verification is actually peformed.

Apologies for the strong wording, but thats is a new level of incompetence, Revolut. :roll_eyes:

And I am not blaming the developers, they were most likely instructed to do so by their Supreme Leaders, well product managers :wink: