email problem to receive Confirmation

Hello Mr / Mrs,
I write to you because I have a serious problem.
I do not know if the problem comes from my email or your website.
Because I can not log in to my Business account anymore.
Since 1 week now to receive Confirmation code from email is very difficult and I do not receive this code quickly and the code come the next day in my email or in the evening and when I want to use the code to enter in my business account they said that the code has expired so I tell myself that without doubt I have a problem of reception with my email. my email in my Revolut business is:
So I would like to urgently change my email in my business account if it is possible please help me, I would like you to change my email manually to your level so that I will receive code quickly and have access my business account. please help me if you can change my email with this new email :

I’m really waiting for an answer from you.

Hi @agrocomexport

Could you please reach out to our business dedicated support on the website with this request? You can do it from this page while not being logged in. Drop a message to the chat to initiate a conversation.