Email notification when somebody answers me?


Is there a way to be notified by email when someone answers a topic I created? I do not see this option in the Notification section of the General settings page.


I think it happens by default. I do get emails. You can change the “watched” level by clicken the button with a round icon and “Normal” after it.



Apparently not, I did not get an email when you replied to this post. I can only see a setting for desktop notifications, but this is not what I am after. I want email notification, like in any other forum.


I think if it is a reply on your comment you will be notified. If it is only a reply on the thread you won’t be notified. You might be able to do some changes in settings to be able to be notified.


Exactly as you write, replies to comment get email notification but not reply to a new thread. Strange behavior!