Email not found and Unable to Login in Business Account


This is bethany who is managing a business account in Revolut and have been using it from quite a while and found it amazing until my account went into pending review and no support from Agents suddenly with no initimation at all putting my business and payments on halt giving significant losses.

I have money sitting in my bank account which needs to be paid to sub contractors and suppliers and hampering my reputation in business.

This is the most pathetic experience ever from the business who are paying almost 100 pounds a month.

I need the access so that I can make the payments to my people and this is really stressful situation where money is blocked with you and you guys are not even responding.

We have invested heavily in this business and now suddenly you have taken such leads me take stringent action for the compensation for the loss I have beared.

If there is anything you want to verify or confirm then why you need to block our money and then no replies.

Who will bear the loss of this which I am facing right now.

I need to make sure when I am running a business with so much hardwork and you just without any reason making such step leads me to take you guys to the court and complaints everywhere be its FCA or other areas for blocking my money earned with so much hard work

It would be great if you can let me know when my account is active so that I can make the payment at earliest so that I dont start legal proceedings against everyone where you will have compensate for the losses


We are not able to provide you with any details here. Our relevant team will update you via email. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Oleskii

You have to understand a significant losses which I am facing and constant chase from the suppliers so that I can make the payment.
It would highly appreciated if you can really get this resolved at earliest.
This a matter of great urgency
Wages payments and Salaries are on hold due to this.
Please get this resolved on priority