Email field to get early access is not working


Hi! I’m from Argentina and I can’t fill up the email field to get early access. I click on it and nothing happens. I tried on a iPhone7 with IOS 10.3.1 at the time of this post

The expected behaviour would be that the keyword comes up when I click on the field, but this never happens. also after clicking on the email field the keyboard gets buggy in the whole app. so I guess some kind of error is trigger when you click on the email field

I would love to use the app it’s exact what I need. I work on the UK remotely from Argentina and I have a UK Bank Account and I get charged fees everytime I use my English debit card.


@Maxi So we currently support accounts within the EEA only, do you have a valid and current address within the EEA?


Hi @larysa.stachowicz , Thanks for replying! :slight_smile: Can I use the address of my work office? it’s based in the UK and can you invite me to get early access to the app as I can’t set my Argentinian number up?


@larysa.stachowicz Can you invite me to have an early access?