Email about Revolut Visa

Maybe that could make it a Revolution if Revolut get an agreement (and keep prices low) with Amex to issue Amex branded cards :grinning:


Are there any updates about an metal card/platinum card?

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Im not sure why anyone would want to use Amex, especially from a retailers perspective. They’re notoriously bad at paying institutions/businesses as fast as other payment methods and it’s certainly not as widely used outside of the US.

The Visa option is insanely cool! I can’t wait


2.4% charged to the merchant for every transaction as well. Very expensive!

Exciting things are happening! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Only a few things left on my “Ideal current account” list if that comes out! (Other ones being Android Pay and Cryptocurrency support)


Would like to participate in the test, however I can’t send a DM because I am a new user on the community. This would be very useful in the Netherlands :slight_smile:


The same goes for me!

I’d also like to participate in the beta program if that’s possible! :slight_smile:

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Guys! I have sent you the form via a DM :slight_smile:

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Hi! I also would like to participate! Thanks!

Edit, error. sorry
Edit, error. sorry

Hi! I also would like to participate!
My salary is paid every month on Revolut

I would like to participate.
Could you help me?

Form didn’t load Andreas sent you screenshot via DM :roll_eyes:

Hi !
New customer I really enjoy Revolut and all the functionnalities.
Is it possible to participate to the beta program ?

Thanks !

For me he included a number at the end from a bad copy paste, took out the number and it worked fine :slight_smile:


Hi, I would also like to participate. A Visa card with VPay would be very useful in The Netherlands.

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I’m definitely interested in testing a Revolut visa, hopefully it’ll be more reliable then the weswap card I used last time I went away!

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Hi Andreas! Would like to participate, so looking fwd to the details :wink: Good luck!

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