Email about Revolut Visa

Hi, you can order a virtual Visa card right now :slight_smile: All the new virtual ones are Visa.

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I’d love to use a Revolut Visa card for upcoming travel in about a month. Will it be available to the public by then or is there a way to sneak into early access?
Thanks in advance!
// @AndreasK

You will be given the choice to choose between MasterCard & VISA in the near future :slight_smile:


That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know!

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Great news!

But for customers who already have a MasterCard, is it possible to solicit a Visa card?

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Once we have more information we will announce :satellite:


What about that metal card? :roll_eyes:

(I know, I’m pushing my luck here :laughing:)


I hope it will be soon available

Hi @AndreasK !
I would like to get a Visa card.
Is it possible to get one ? :slight_smile:


At the moment you cannot choose between VISA and MasterCard. However, the virtual cards are VISA.



I’m really interested in having a Revolut Visa card.

Is there a way to get one ?

Thank you.

Soon you will be able to chose between MasterCard or Visa.


Hi @AndreasK , I’d love to be part of the Visa trial too, either physical or virtual card, to be honest would prefer virtual one. Let me know if I can qualify. I do not find the option to send you a direct message here…

Hi. I can trial to visa card? I prefer Physical card, please

@AndreasK i can submit a new card?

VISA trial was closed some time ago :frowning:

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Hey @badskittler @SaKio @cookiemonster78

It have been stated by Revolut that you will soon be able to decide the kind of card you want to received from inside the app, just a little more wait :slight_smile:

@cookiemonster78 To my knowledge all Virtual cards are VISA cards.



Could anyone explain me the difference between to use Visa or MasterCard? It make any difference about use Revolut in my trip?

I’m afraid because I will travel to some asiatic countries and, some time ago, I was in Holland and try to use my other bank card that is Visa and was refused in a lot of places, just MasterCard was accepted.

In The Netherlands most places only accept Maestro (not MasterCard).


In Sri Lanka :sri_lanka: mastercard was more useful


Hi, Andreas. Can I still participate in the Visa beta?