Email about Revolut Visa

As I know, beta test group is closed - Email about Revolut Visa
Probably next year Visa will be delivered as standard card in :r:

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I didn’t sign up to the VISA offer, but when I went to order a new card it offered me a VISA virtual card which I bought. A few days after usuing it, the physical MasterCard offered (when choosing to get a new card) had turned into a physical VISA card. So I ordered that too. Not sure if it was related or a coincidence, but I like now having a physical VISA!

I just got back from holiday in Bosnia Herzegovina and took my Revolut cards with me. I tried to change the PIN at various ATMs, this was only possible with the Mastercard, with the Visa it was impossible to change the PIN.

It should be possible to change the PIN with the app if it’s impossible to change it at an ATM. For example, in my country there are no ATMs with an option to change the PIN.

I too would like a physical Visa (been using MC with great satisfaction so far) … would come in handy in pilot testing in live production as company I work for just launched contactless ATMs here in Slovenia.

I purchased a virtual card, that turned out to be Visa, but it’s just not the same :wink:

Just to confirm yet again that there is no ATM in France where we can change the PIN code.
I’ve tried different banks, different towns.
The one mentioned by @CharlesPC seems to be a very rare exception as it’s a foreign ATM, and is an exception.

I would really like if Revolut would bring back the PIN change option in the app, as it was before! It’s clearly not available in all countries…

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I have a problem using visa card on, MC issued by PaySafe in the same place.

Hi Andreas,
I sent you a DM for participating in the VISA program.


Thanks for the info.

I removed my standard card and since PaySafe is getting replaced with :r: issued cards should I order a new one?

Standard card previously issued by the PaySafe will automatically went to issued by the Revolut probably on 13 Jan if I remember correctly. There is no need to block old and order new one, same card will be moved to different systems.


Ah ok. Thanks for the info kylo


During the (seemingly brief) issues Revolut had with their payment processor earlier yesterday, I found payments from both my Revolut MasterCard and Visa were being declined.

Support indicated the usual problems with their external card processor, indicating the Visa cards are being processed via the same provider as MasterCard :worried:

Also, a few days back I made a payment to RyanAir via Revolut Visa as a Visa Debit type card which was successful.
This isn’t working anymore, I tried to make a booking earlier and the site will now only accept it as a Visa type card, incurring a payment surcharge again. Looks like they’ve got wise to that :weary:

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They are working on it!

is this Visa trial still alive? I just used the link but no idea does it still work?
Can you share what you know about it?


Email about Revolut Visa :slight_smile:

I don’t know how sent you a DM, but I’m going to Cuba at the end of February and I want to test Revolut Visa card there :slight_smile:

click @anon33247966 and click message

I think you need to be a certain “level” in this forum to have access to DMs (to create a new one at least), new users don’t have access to that afaik.

I hope that the premium cards also will become Visa, to have both options when on holiday.

Only Amex should be added to have all cards with one bank :smile: however this will be a bit hard to get but is possible :slight_smile:

Hi I’d like to get a Visa card please

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