Email about Revolut Visa

If Revolut could get an agreement with Amex for the Prepaid cards, maybe the card could come with the reward system like Amex offer. Would be great addition and the insurances on Amex cards are very good

Does AMEX allow third-parties to use its payments network/rewards programme?

I was always under the impression that they only do first-party cards.

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A private bank in the Netherlands issue own Amex cards(with the rewards program) but how that works I have no idea.

Thats why I am also wondering if it is possible and it would be a good addition.

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True, that’s interesting, but at the same time AMEX is quite expensive for both the merchant (in terms of interchange fees.) and the issuer (Less margin/fee per transaction.). This is why a lot of fintech banks choose to go with Mastercard.


Yes but that’s private banking.

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It would be a good idea if Revolut could figure this option out and maybe they can give some feedback whether it is possible or not.

Adding the Visa card is a great thing, as many banks (and fintechs) offer only Mastercard or Visa not both

Visa is great, agreed. It’ll be especially good for the American expansion, since Visa’s pretty big in the US.

Yes, there are several bank-branded American Express cards. Usually the more expensive types like a “gold” card with insurances. Amex’s Membership Rewars programme can be part of such cards.

Also, American Express owns a couple of international rewards programmes like Payback in Germany or even Lufthansa owned reward Programme, Miles and More, Europe’s biggest frequent traveler programme or Deutsche Bahn’s “Bahn Bonus” is run by an Amex business division.

I am sure a Revolut Amex would appeal to some because of its still strangely strong feel of exclusiveness. It is just that Amex is too costly in my experience and acceptance is not good at all. Amex’s business model is kind of the opposite of Revolut, I would say.


Maybe that could make it a Revolution if Revolut get an agreement (and keep prices low) with Amex to issue Amex branded cards :grinning:


Are there any updates about an metal card/platinum card?

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Im not sure why anyone would want to use Amex, especially from a retailers perspective. They’re notoriously bad at paying institutions/businesses as fast as other payment methods and it’s certainly not as widely used outside of the US.

The Visa option is insanely cool! I can’t wait


2.4% charged to the merchant for every transaction as well. Very expensive!

Exciting things are happening! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Only a few things left on my “Ideal current account” list if that comes out! (Other ones being Android Pay and Cryptocurrency support)


Would like to participate in the test, however I can’t send a DM because I am a new user on the community. This would be very useful in the Netherlands :slight_smile:


The same goes for me!

I’d also like to participate in the beta program if that’s possible! :slight_smile:

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Guys! I have sent you the form via a DM :slight_smile:

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Hi! I also would like to participate! Thanks!

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Edit, error. sorry

Hi! I also would like to participate!
My salary is paid every month on Revolut