Email about Revolut Visa

Well those are good points! Will we be able to keep the card after the beta?

I assume so, or at most, they’ll just be deactivated after the beta.

Doesn’t make sense to have customers physically mail them back, since it’ll be administratively costly.

Should I fill again if I had done it few weeks ago?

I think it would be a nice trade to offer the card to the beta users, since most of us don’t want to pay extra 6€ for a card.

Can’t you see the visa card in the app?

Have you not got a notification that it has been sent?

How can I know if my “application” was accepted? Everytime I applied, I got a error message. I don’t see anything different on my revolut app.

Nope :frowning: Never got any notification, email no visa in-app either. I filled the form again though just hoping to get this time.

Same here. No notification or mail and nothing in the app.

Same here. No card in the app, no notification and/or email.

Same. No message and card in the app.

Of course you’ll keep the card :slight_smile:

Did 24 hour pass since you place your order?

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Hi @AndreasK I ordered 8 days ago originally. You shared the link in a PM

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Let’s get in touch via DM, so that I can take a closer look into your account.

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@AndreasK I filed for the VISA yesterday. But I already have 2 physical cards with Revolut. Would I need to cancel one in order to get the VISA? Just asking, as I didn’t get any confirmation or seeing anything in the App…

Yes as only two cards can be active at the time.

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@AndreasK Ok thanks! I cancelled one card. Can you confirm I am good to go for the VISA or do I need do fill out the form again?

Yay! I’ll gladly be a beta user!

I recently applied for visa card! very eager for news about it. thanks!!