Eligible card for auto top-up



I’d like to enable auto top up by bank card but when I try to enable it I always get this message "auto top up is not available ". What should I do to enable auto top up ?

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Hello there,

Have you correctly verified the card you are trying to use with Auto Top-Up? :slight_smile:



Salut ! Oui j’ai vérifié la carte à l’aide du code et de la photo, j’ai utilisé la carte plusieurs fois pour approvisionner le compte Revolut mais je ne peux toujours pas activer cette fonction.

Merci pour ton aide :slight_smile:



I am experiencing same issue. The card is verified accordingly.



Same issue here too. How long before my card becomes eligible for AutoTop-up?

Now resolved for me - took about 5 top-ups (over 2 weeks) with the same card for it to become eligible.