Electronic payment from US to UK account

I get paid a small dividend electronically every quarter to my US bank account (UK resident) its the only reason I have the US account. Could this be paid to my Revolut account? If so where would I find the account details so the sender could process it?

Revolut doesn’t have personal USD accounts yet. They are working on that.

They do however have a shared USD account for all customers. The beneficiary/owner of that account is Revolut itself, and they use the description of the transfer to identify which customer the money must be assigned to.
In the app, press TOP UP, choose USD and then in “using:” choose BANK TRANSFER. It will show the IBAN and personal reference/description that must be used to get the money assigned to you.

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There will be swift transfer fee involved on transaction.Just reminder :slight_smile:

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Question, as I’m also wanting to make a transfer from a USD account to my revolut account: the BIC is not being recognised by my bank? Any ideas what the issue might be?

What exactly are you doing? If you are transferring via SWIFT to Revolut, then you must use the shared Revolut USD account (BIC: LOYDGB2L)

Getting a TransferWise borderless account in between would get rid of swift costs

I am trying to use that, but my bank doesn’t recognise it. Very odd…

You might need to pad the BIC with XXX (branch) at the name, i.e. LOYDGB2LXXX