Economic sanctions

With the threat of economic sanctions should I be concerned because of the Russian links associated with Revolut?


What do you mean ?
Revolut is located in Lituania and the parent company is located in England. Even if there would be sanctions it would be against the executives not the bank since it’s not russian.

I’ll try to explain my situation. I’m Russian and live in Lithuania with Lithuanian national visa. I haven’t received TRP yet. Should I be worried about closing of my account in Revolut because of the sanctions. Because Paysera apparently closed the accounts of Russian citizens.

Oh I see. Seems Paysera is 100 lithuanian Revolut has been created by russian so I hope they do not close accounts. I do not know though

Money is safe at Revolut and nothing will happen due to the situation in Ukraine now.

Maybe Revolut could issue a statement regarding the situation in Russia and Ukraine, about payments, withdrawal etc.


@Revolut can you confirm if our money is safe in Revolut?


Not really clarify but Revolut Blog

I thank you for the link to the blog item

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Some update, I did not find official communication but an article says :

" British fintech firm Revolut has blocked payments to Russia and Belarus, joining a string of fintech firms pulling out of the region.

The $33 billion neobank stopped supporting money transfers to or from entities in Russia and Belarus from 12:00 GMT on March 4, according to a person familiar with the matter.

At the same time, users can no longer top up their Revolut accounts using cards issued by financial institutions in Russia or Belarus.

The news comes amid sweeping economic sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24 — with fintech firms adding to the pressure."


Yes, just confirmed LUBASKBX is on high-risk list and/or targeted by sanctions re: Russian invasion to Ukraine.

edit: which is weird because it is only blacklisted by Revolut sofar none of the Slovak brick-and-mortar banks. Apparently N26 also recognizes LUBASKBX owned by Penta Investments (95%, Cyprus) and Sberbank (5%, Russia).