Ebay pending payment

Hi all,
I’ve purchase an item from ebay, done the payment with my Revolut card associated to my PayPal account.
The payment is pending, the seller said he didn’t received any payment on his PayPal account and cancelled my order… I’m afraid I’ll end up with no item and no money…
Can I cancel this pending transaction?
Also the Revolut live chat isn’t working

Pending at Paypal or Revolut? That is primarily a question for Paypal. Did the payment go through and if not, why not.

Pending from Revolut
I need to cancel that transaction ASAP because the seller already canceled my purshase

Thats not wrong though. What is it on Paypal’s side?

Nothing on Paypal side, I don´t have a receipt yet, so no transaction went through

Well, you placed the transaction on Paypal, didnt you? That should either succeed or fail. There must be something on your Paypal account. How did you order that item and what happened?

Purchased an item on eBay, choosed PayPal and the payment method (on PayPal I have the Revolut card).
Part of the payment went to the seller and part to the shipping company (Pitneybowes) had insufficient funds on the Revolut card (0,06€ less then needed) the seller’s payment was pending and the shipping company was waiting for funds, toped up the Revolut card, no changes at all…
Nothing on PayPal went through, no money in my Revolut card nor the seller’s PayPal account

I understand there’s a small window to cancel a pending payment, there is no live support on Revolut’s chat and I need to cancel that pending payment as the seller has cancelled my purchase

Nothing on my PayPAl

I’d assume in that case it should revert back. It would be best to handle this via Revolut’s support - make sure you type “live agent”.

No agent available unfortunately

Hi there.

The transaction is pending at the moment which means that the merchant has not either collected the funds nor declined the transaction.

There are two possible scenarios now: either they will realise the error and decline it, or they will not realise the error and will settle the transaction.

When that happens, you will be able to see that the transaction no longer appears in grey in your transaction history on the app. Then you can just let us know and we will be able to raise a chargeback on your behalf to recoup the funds.

Alright, so I’ll just have to wait about 7 days

Payment reverted, thank you for all your help, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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