Eat out and enjoy up to 30% instant cashback with new Restaurant Rewards!

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We’re officially allowed back inside pubs and restaurants - Hallelujah! :hamburger:

To celebrate, we’re giving you all the chance to eat your way around London for less :money_mouth_face:

Our new Rewards show you nearby pubs and restaurants like Franco Manca, Smoking Goat, The Craft Beer Co & Pret, where you can grab a table and get up to 30% instant cashback to your Revolut account, just seconds after paying.

So where are you heading for food later? Tell us about it in the comments below :shallow_pan_of_food:

Check more info at Eat out and enjoy up to 30% instant cashback with new Restaurant Rewards!

Team Revolut


Looking forward to using this new feature, however it’s not entirely clear whether the discount applies to any location of the restaurant chain or just the location shown on the map


Hi there!

You just need to follow the steps below, and you’ll be filling up on delicious food in no time.

To get started:
:stuffed_flatbread: Head to Hub > Rewards
:stuffed_flatbread: Pick a pub, restaurant or coffee shop
:stuffed_flatbread: Tap to activate the Reward before paying with your Revolut card
:stuffed_flatbread: Your cashback will land in your account moments after paying the bill. Sweet!

Team Revolut

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Hi Mariana,

Can I just double check if you need to be on a specific plan in order to make use of the above?

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I had activated restaurant cashback for two restaurants (Kanada Ya and Honest burgers).
I used my revolut card and I did not receive instant cashback.

Is there a network problem right now with insta rewards?

Is there a network problem with this because I used my card in two restaurants that were listed and I have not received my cashback.

I used this the other day and it worked great. Cash straight back into my account.

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