Early Charge - Premium - No Refund

I have used Premium this year as I have been traveling to countries outside of Europe and the US where I needed travel insurance as well as access to different currencies. Now I’m going to be in my home country for some time and therefore don’t want to pay for Premium for now. I was planning on canceling my premium account at the end of March as I didn’t understand that although I canceled it anytime, I would continue with premium features until the end of the billing period. When I went to cancel my account at the end of March, on the 31st, I realized I had already been charged for the month of April two days earlier (March 29) thus eliminating my option to cancel it before the end of the billing period. I reached out to the support team in the app about this early charge and tried to cancel my subscription and get that payment back. I was told there is nothing that can be done and my money can’t be refunded. There is no way for them to cancel my subscription for April and refund my money for a month I hadn’t planned on paying for. On top of this, I have to pay 16€ to cancel my subscription, which is something I did know about but am still upset about. So all the money I’ve saved in international payments, I have now lost paying fees to Revolut. As a previously very happy Revolut user, I was very upset by the way this situation was handled as it was not my fault that Revolut charged me 2 days early before they should have making me lose 7.99€ which I wasn’t planning on paying in the first place. I hope this can be resolved.

Hey @Sara2 :slight_smile:

First of all, here’s a screenshot of the premium upgrade dialog, with the clear text showing the minimum length underlined:

Apart from that, I don’t know the date you subscribed to premium on, but take into consideration that your premium subscription works on rolling months and not on natural ones, and that might be the reason you were charged earlier than expected :wink:

Then you could have just avoided the subscription altogether. It’s not mandatory and if you knew about this beforehand and knew it didn’t fit your needs or desires (or it wasn’t profitable overall for you) there was no need to subscribe at all!

Hi Juliopp.

Yes, as I said, I did know about that fee, but it was kind of like the icing on the cake to the whole situation. I’m not so much upset about that as I am being charged early for a month I wasn’t planning on paying for. Maybe the rolling months is the answer to why it happened. Either way, I still had to pay money I wasn’t planning on paying and the customer service I received wasn’t very helpful.

Thanks for your input.