Early Access for US email

Hi there,

I received an email for Early Access in the states, followed the link and input my phone number. However, I didn’t receive a text. I downloaded the app anyway and signed up - but it put me in what I think is a line to get the app? Would this have been circumvented by following the email/text route and/or is Revolut not quite launched in the states yet? Thanks!

It’s a sign-up list at the current moment. Pre-registration, followed by onboarding.

I assume that they’ll be rolling out in batches in the US.

Are the US based accounts going to use the same card
as EEA based accounts?

Hi @julierenee9,

Revolut is launching in the USA by the end of the year!

Sign up now and get early access -> https://revolut.com/

Once you complete the sign up process you will receive a confirmation email :slight_smile:


Andreas K

I am having the exact issue as OP above.

I inputted my mobile number in order to be sent the early access link to the Revolut app for US users, but never received a text for the link. I even inputted my number twice just in case I had a typo the first time, and still nothing. So like OP, I have also tried to download the app in the app store and I have been placed in a queue.

Have you tried to download the app from the App Store?