E-Receipts with Revolut?

Hey there,
i just read at twitter, that you can get a e-receipt at Monzo with a company called Flux.
Are you guys at Revolut working on something similar (Flux support) and are other users of Revolut interested in that feature?


That is actually nice. We have storebox in Denmark, but it is not supported everywhere. Also if Revolut finally manages to implement Apple Pay the receipts will not work with Apple Pay due to privacy features.

I would like this a lot :slight_smile:

Two years later i am here to revive this idea.

I would love to get my supermarket receipts directly to the app. I am pretty sure we are going to get this feature in a few years and it’s going to be mandatory because of the wasted paper-plastic of the receipts.
It’s going to be game-changing.
Come on Revolut guys, make this happen.


This has nothing to do with revolut, it is a pos terminal job. If you can see the receipts of pos’ none of them has your actual purchases just the total amount. Basically, stores and pos providers have to connect their terminals together and give their API to public.
I guess it will be much easier when revolut bring to life their own pos terminals.

separation of payment information and sales details is crucial in terms of information security. i am concerned about feeding :r: even more information about my purchases.
to be able to automatically add the receipt EVERY shop would have to cooperate and deliver the information.

I know about the POS receipt and that it has no connection with the cashier by default. I work in a shop that sells cashier machines after all :stuck_out_tongue: All I said is Revolut to implement a feature like Flux. If banks start using it then shops might start to realize that it’s a useful feature to have.

I am sorry if i didn’t make it clear at first.

Flux is an optional integration per account normally, that you choose to add. Revolut should provide the option (it’s clearly going to be a hit, even KFC is adopting it) to have this integration.

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During the latest RevRally one user asked a question about Flux, and Revolut replied that they are looking into the possibility to make it happen

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