Dynamic Pricing / Fee depending on activity


Dear Revolut,

To continue the discussion from the Polish card delivery fee thread, let’s propose the best and I guess the most fair pricing model that there might be.

Simple- have users earn their free privileges by spending! I could spend and spend in my home country using Revolut, but don’t feel motivated to; local credit cards give me more benefits, Revolut doesn’t.

For example

  • Waive your card delivery fee (whatever it is, be it 6 EUR or 9PLN) by spending 300EUR in the first two months after receiving the card.

  • Earn yourself extra 50EUR of ATM free withdrawal for spending every 500EUR by card. Roll the earned ATM withdrawal limits, but don’t roll the default limit.

Especially the second bullet could tremendously motivate people to use this card as their daily driver, to “earn” a higher ATM withdrawal balance throughout the year.

Of course- calculate this accordingly so that you can make some more money off the IF, by having users benefit from spending.


Very nice idea!
Simple and elegant.


I second that, simple users should be rewarded for using the card more.

If a user spends X amount on their card, they should be automatically promoted to Premium users for X # of months. Users should be motivated for using the Revolut card often.


I had the same idea. Good that you wrote this. Revolut you earn money if we pay by your card but there is no motivation to spend more… or at least some rewards points etc


Very happy everybody likes the idea so far.

One thing I personally would NOT want to see and let me express is clearly here are points, points points. Please Revolut, keep it simple.

Don’t give us anything extra, but don’t take anything away.

Just need a decent, completely free service with card spending giving you more free cash benefits- I bet people will value commission-free foreign cash withdrawals much much more than any kind of loyalty program type of thing. This is why we’re here for- to ultimately conquer the international money spending issues and inconveniences once and for all.


Agreed 100% :ok_hand:


Just bumping this idea up- we’ve got quite a lot of likes and I believe this indeed may be one of the most crucial new benefits we’re looking to get- better terms for ATM withdrawals.

We know this can’t happen just for free, so how about we just get motivated to use Revolut for every day spending in our home countries and earn free ATM withdrawals for that.

Any Revolut comments on that?


Trying to seek @AndreasK attention to this topic

Andreas your comments are welcome