Duty Free cigarettes from Portugal to UK

Does anyone know what the duty free allowance for cigarettes are Portugal-UK, some sites say 200, Some say because we are in Europe it’s 800.

I smoke Rothmans, is the packaging ‘unbranded’ any idea the best place to buy UK or Portugal?

Any information would be most helpful.

In theory it’s unlimited I believe, but you are more likely to attract attention +800 and be asked to prove they are for personal consumption and not for resale.

You should get a receipt to prove that tax and duty has been paid in the EU in any case as if it’s not obvious, they might get confiscated or you get an unexpected bill on the way in

Unfortunately I have no idea which country is best to buy in as I’m not a smoker :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps

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Thank you dd So you think is 200, Funny where ever I look it 200 and or 800, The tip on receipt is a good tip.

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