Duplicated Revolut contacts in Android



I’m currently seeing a number of duplicated revolut contacts in my contacts list. Please have a look!

Sending the printscreens attached.

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I had that for a few hours but has now dissappeared.


The issue still persists for me


Just FYI I’ve created a customized view of my contacts without the revolut view and everything went back to normal.

There is no doubt that something is strange with the revolut contacts.


Hello @krycek,

Our Android tech team is now looking into it, we’ll let you know for any update.


Andreas K.


Mine has reappeared - 22 “no name” contacts with links to app for receive and send funds. Annoying.


Hi Community,

I have exactly the same problem, now having more than 22k “unique” (=duplicated) contacts instead of 2-3k that I should have…
Is there a solution to that already?

Thanks a lot!



I updated revolut on their advice, but I also had tried other things like reinstall completely the app.
now it seems solved but I can’t tell you which step brought the results.



Uninstalling and re-installing the app solved it for me.


I have reinstalled revolut a couple of times, each time to remove duplicates. Its not a permanent solution. If you have Whattsapp, it will displace the installed connection in contacts and force whatsapp to duplicate. A big problem arises when there are multipul mobiles recorded on the same contact. That can result in hundreds of duplicates.
All these issues have been passed to support.
Just need to wait and see, I guess.


I have the same issue. Over 20 of each contact


16 copies of every contact under the Revolut account. Brilliant :frowning:


Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app?


Yes, now I only have 4 copies of each contact. After deleting the app, my contacts were fine. After reinstalling, they were fine for a short while then started to duplicate again.

Revolut is not an email or contact app, why should I be connected to anyone through Revolut?


I am also having this issue despite being told that it would be fixed by downloading and installing the latest App update (I’m Android). Unfortunately the latest version has only multiplied the number of duplicates.

This is very frustrating. Please provide an update Revolut


I also have the same issue. This is very frustrating. I tried to merge duplicate Revolut contacts with my primary contacts. 15 minutes later, duplicate contacts were back again. Please fix contact sync issues!


I have the same issue. Duplicated Revolut Contacts.


I have the same problem - large numbers of duplicate contacts that only say do I want to request payment from them or make payment to them - looks like a Revolut issue. I delete them and they come back.
I notice that posts here are up to two years old and yet there is still no solution. Looks like very poor support as well as a fundamental bug in the app. Joe


Just some additional description in my case: I am not seeing duplicated records but I do have multiple entries for each person in the “other” contact category. Each entry for a person has a unique email address or one of the associated phone numbers. So a contact with 2 email addresses and 2 phone numbers will have 4 separate entries. My Revolut contacts are not duplicated and the entries show a telephone number only. I have logged out and in and also sync’d the accounts. Derek