Duplicated account created after erasing my phone

After having to erase my iPhone and start from a clean install, I downloaded the Revolut app. Entered my phone number and PIN, and kept getting errors (wrong PIN, which is not possible). Eventually, the system seemed unable to recognise my identity and apparently, created a new, duplicate account instead, with no data from my original account, and no ability to link my existing Revolut card.

Note: the Revolut SIM card used for activation/login was not inside the phone, as I am abroad and using a different number. But I kept entering the activation/login number as it is the one linked to my account.

Help please!

I contacted support via the app and explained my case. After 3 hours or so waiting in line (no need to keep the app open), I got a notification on my phone and a CSR asked me to confirm my identity through date of birth, address, etc. In a few minutes, she was able to eliminate the duplicate account, and this time I was able to log in onto my original account. I must say that the physical prepaid MasterCard did not stop working during this time. Stressing time but quickly solved (minus the long wait for a CSR to answer).