Duplicate charge


Hi i’ve been trying to get someone from support team to give me a hand today with no luck! I’ve been charged twice at the supermarket however they have only received one payment. 12,04€ and there are 24,08 missing from my account. Tried to download a bank statement however it doesnt even show those two charges. Im not very impressed with the quality of your support as is absolutely necessary to have a phone number or at least enough people to answer the chat when you are dealing with people’s money.


Statement won’t show pending transactions. Normally merchant (supermarket in your case) will collect one payment ,and revert the other one.
Can take up to 7 days to recieve funds back.
You can check on status of transaction in app.
Are they both pending or completed?
If for any chance both transactions becomes completed then you will need to start chargeback procedure :+1:


Hi Ares thanks for your quick response, both are “pending” however the supermarket confirms that they have received 1 payment so not really understanding what is going on. Again, thanks for your time.


Thats what they always say :joy:
Keep an eye on status :+1:
Welcome :slight_smile:


Just received one payment back so everything ok!