Duplicate account link query


I have a new mobile phone and have downloaded the Revolut App onto it! I have signed in to the new device however it now appears that I’ve created a separate card when I assumed when I logged in it would have linked me to my current card. I don’t want x2 different cards, how can I resolve this or link my current card to my new phone?


Note that when I try to link the card I get an error message stating 'This card cannot be linked.


Yes, it would have been wise to consult the FAQs for how to change the mobile number :wink:. You need to contact support now to get it sorted, I would say.

(You might be able to change the mobile number on your own If you still have access to your old number. See FAQs for details.)


@m00nman Hey there, I have written you a private message to sort this out!


Have a similar situation happening to me, didn’t see an option to log in on my new phone so thought I would just link my card to the new account. Any help would be appreciated