Dubble fee



14 of July I bought a Ryanair ticket for 71.38 Eur via PayPal.
Revolut charged me 2x71.38 Eur, most likely for some technical issue. I also noticed a warning provided by the system: message contained text like “suspicious activity” or so.
I contacted App support team but haven’t received real support. Only thing I was adviced to wait for 10 days.
10 days has passed but no money back on my account. Support team continue to be ineffective with no real support.
In my estimation nobody of Revolut team even has taken a look into this issue.
What shall I do further in order to solve this problem?


I have similar problem with Amazon. If status of transfer is Complete, than your money are withdraw from your account (instead of just Hold, when status is Pending and in this case you need to wait for 10 days). In this case you need to contact Ryanair and ask them to check the problem (duplicate payment). Or you can “Dispute a Transcaction” via PayPal. And finally you can ask Revolut Team for a ChargeBack form.


Any pending payment should settle on its own within 10 days. If this does not happen or it settles incorrectly we can always look into a chargeback for you! Please do check with the merchant about issuing you a refund for this.


Thank you for precise explanation.
Revolut has charged back finaly.