Dual Sim

If I use a “dual sim” phone and I am using a sim/phone number whihc is different from the one linked to the Revolut card does the Revolut app still work?

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It does. But you have to log-in always with the number associated with the account. And for some functionality, you need access to texts sent to this number. Since you are using a dual sim phone, that should be no problem for you. :wink:


Thanks. My son inadvertently logged in using the “wrong” SIM number and it told him to set uo a new account. Now he is unablke to log in his account even using the correct SIM. Should he uninstall e reinstall the App with the right SIM?

Logging out should do it. Goto “More --> Profile”, scroll down to the bottom and log out :wink:

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And keep in mind that Revolut accounts are attached to the phone number. Even when logging in on a different device, always use the phone number used to set up the account with.

Text messages via phone number are used as a 2 factor authentication for some functions. Consider this when traveling.


Thank your for your advice. Very useful

You’re welcome. Hope all works out well.

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Hi, i have similar issue. I used an iphone, now put the sim card to another (android) dual sim phone, and when i d like to use revolut on the new phone, after entering the phone number and the pin, the system sends an email, but the email only shows up on my Iphone (and not showing up on the android). When i check the email on the iphone and i authenticate the new phone, there nothing happens on the android phone, the screen still say “read the email” or “resend email”

That’s correct, the process is designed to verify the specific phone. You need to set up the mail address on your new android phone to use this method of device authentication.

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