Dual Sim


If I use a “dual sim” phone and I am using a sim/phone number whihc is different from the one linked to the Revolut card does the Revolut app still work?

Dual SIM phone - does Revolut cope?

It does. But you have to log-in always with the number associated with the account. And for some functionality, you need access to texts sent to this number. Since you are using a dual sim phone, that should be no problem for you. :wink:


Thanks. My son inadvertently logged in using the “wrong” SIM number and it told him to set uo a new account. Now he is unablke to log in his account even using the correct SIM. Should he uninstall e reinstall the App with the right SIM?


Logging out should do it. Goto “More --> Profile”, scroll down to the bottom and log out :wink:


And keep in mind that Revolut accounts are attached to the phone number. Even when logging in on a different device, always use the phone number used to set up the account with.

Text messages via phone number are used as a 2 factor authentication for some functions. Consider this when traveling.


Thank your for your advice. Very useful


You’re welcome. Hope all works out well.