Dual SIM phone - does Revolut cope?

Are there any known problems with using Revolut in a phone with two SIMs that are active simultaneously?

As Revolut uses the phone’s number to identify the account, does having two active numbers on the phone confuse it?

I have used two SIM cards in my phone before, but not since I installed Revolut. Before I put a second SIM card in again, I thought I should check if doing this breaks Revolut.

Haven’t seen topic on this .
I doubt there could be any problems.
There is tripple sim and quadsim phones available :slight_smile:
Only 1 sim active at given time.
Worst case scenario for :r: app is that you won’t get message notification-like when setting beneficiary if your other sim in use.

Bet there is someone on forum who got dual sim phone :joy::joy::joy:

My phone allows both SIMs to be “active” at the same time - I do not have to select which currently receives calls or SMS.

Expierencing problems :slight_smile:
You should share your expierence then , have you encoutered something.
I just used wiki for info on phones,didn’t went in detail :smiley:
Which phone model you got ? :slight_smile:

I am not experiencing problems. I currently have only one SIM card in the phone. Now that I have Revolut, before I add a second SIM card again, I am checking whether there are known problems using Revolut in a phone that has two numbers.

Doubt there is,but you never know :slight_smile:
What model phone it is , not all phones support 2 sims simultaneously ?

This phone does. I have used two SIM cards in this phone before, and both are active to receive calls and SMS without the need to switch between them.
Do you have any actual knowledge on the subject of how Revolut behaves on a phone with two numbers?

I can only make pressumtion.
Can’t see it affecting :r:
Trying to find fault ,where there isn’t one :smiley:
If it’s ain’t broken no need fixing :slight_smile:

You could just answer one question,and not being tempermental :joy::joy::joy:

I have now found this topic from @enrico06 where @Frank’s knowledge answers my question.

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