Dual Authorisation Request For Payment Approval

I have a Revolut Business account and would like to submit a feature request which I believe would be a very nice value add for business customers.

Here’s the use case.

I would like to set up payment approvals where two people (myself and my business partner) must approve payments over £1,000.

I can set this up now but there is a major limitation as I (as the account Owner) have full control over the account and could delete or change said rule without any approvals.

In order to ensure 100% protection for my business partner and our investors, we need to have a feature which allows dual authorisation on rules, not just on payments.

Meaning, if we want to set up this £1,000 rule, we should have the ability to set up dual authorisation for any changes on this rule.

This feature is available in many high street business banks but not Revolut.

That this feature is missing means that I (as the Owner) are fully protected from any misbehaviour from my business partner or employees, but no-one has protection from me.

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