Drop weekend fees

I was just browsing the net, comparing fintechs. It seems to me that the major competitors to :r: are catching up in terms of exchange rate.

Would love the possibility of :r: dropping the weekend change fees for metal users at least. If not for every currency, the major ones at least, like EUR, USD, GBP.



but at what cost?

The model works fine for me. If it aint broke etc…
Maybe it just requires a little planning on the part of people (in a “I want it now” lifestyle) but for those who can’t wait or have not done so sufficiently, it’s only a small fee to pay for the convenience after the markets have closed for the weekend imo.


I agree. 100%. But the fact that I pay for metal and still don’t have saving vaults, rewards, open banking and many other features compared to UK or other EU countries is beginning to “frustrate” me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the product. I use :r: as my main to go account/bank. The lack of features make me look elsewhere, where I could think it would make sense for :r: to “level the field” for the counties that have a fraction of the services and features.

Maybe Ultra will introduce something on those lines.

Ps. I know the lack of feature and services sometimes takes time due to the multiple authorities involved but still. :nerd_face:


Out of curiosity, where are you based?

Fingers crossed those things come soon for you, and on the flip side I hope our banking licence is approved soon enough :sweat_smile::pray:t3:

The markup doesn’t really bother me, it’s a minor amount, not sure if it’s a significant impact compared to other rates without the markup as Revolut tends to beat them in hener so kinda brings them on par with a 0.1% or whatever it is.


My :r: is in Cyprus. Missing quite a few services :sweat_smile:


Hopefully not much longer before you get the full lot :pray:t3: