Drip (automatically reinvesting dividends) 💰

Hello guys i know this is more focused on the dividend investors and i don’t know how many in this community are familiar with it, Basically is long term investment and capturing dividends monthly as passive income if anyone wants more information can PM me, :moneybag:

Back to subject:

DRIP : Dividend Reinvesting Plan :chart_with_upwards_trend:
This is the option to reinvest the received dividends form your stock holdings and automatically buy other or even the same stock, this will be work perfectly since Revolut offers fractional shares a lot of big players offer this and is really appealing for dividend investors.

Ps. wanted to post this separately than the Investing topic to drive more focus to the subject.


I think this is awesome !


Let’s hope they add it in the future.


This should be a priority! Any news on this, is it on the timeline?


I would love DRIP! Especially in countries where the tax on dividends is so high as in Portugal, this would be awesome.

You’d still get the dividends so I believe it would be subject to taxation regardless, lol


You’d still get the dividends so I believe it would be subject to taxation regardless

That’s correct. However each DRIP also increases the average cost of the security. It’s important to track this. Otherwise you pay double the capital gains tax on these dividends when the security is eventually sold. This can be quite a record-keeping burden with four or more cost adjustments every year.

Does Revolut currently show average cost (ACB) in its reporting along with market value? If not then that sort of feature is essential if they implement DRIP.


Hello iLoky, I see you posted a review of the trading nature of the Revolut app being more suited to the little bit riskier investor who is actually fed up with appalling Cash ISAs that literally loose me money and would rather take the risk and focus on dividend- long term shares. You sound like you know a bit - any piece of advice? Much appreciated :slight_smile: Nicholas

Not him but for a tip Revolut Trading currently sucks (actual tips below)

Obviously recommended talking to a qualified advisor

Look for companies with strong balance sheets, good cash flow and that have been consistently maintaining or increasing their dividend for a number of years.

Yields are important but don’t obsess with them, crazy ones may indicate that they’re not sustainable.

I currently make about £50 a year on a £2000ish portfolio for reference


Hi I am new to revolut and just joined this community today. I see you’re asking about DRIP investing which would be great to see but my question is, how long does it take for the dividends to enter your account after three company pays the dividend?

Bumping this post in the hopes of getting some attention from Revolut guys. I’d love to know wether this is on the timeline.

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DRIP is an excellent feature to add - RobinHood currently has it. Bump :+1:


DRIP is no-fee on certain stocks (MMM, ABV, for instance). So it would be a good feature to have for a compound investment . Hello Revolut, are hearing us?

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Lets hope they are listening to us! it would be really nice to have Drip and some faster execution on the dividends payed

I need help with my passcode as I have a new phone

You need to contact support via the app or twitter.

That’s great but I can’t login to the app. I contacted Revolut via twitter yesterday but no reply.

give it some time also check to email them.