Drip (automatically reinvesting dividends) 💰

Hello guys i know this is more focused on the dividend investors and i don’t know how many in this community are familiar with it, Basically is long term investment and capturing dividends monthly as passive income if anyone wants more information can PM me, :moneybag:

Back to subject:

DRIP : Dividend Reinvesting Plan :chart_with_upwards_trend:
This is the option to reinvest the received dividends form your stock holdings and automatically buy other or even the same stock, this will be work perfectly since Revolut offers fractional shares a lot of big players offer this and is really appealing for dividend investors.

Ps. wanted to post this separately than the Investing topic to drive more focus to the subject.


I think this is awesome !

Let’s hope they add it in the future.

This should be a priority! Any news on this, is it on the timeline?