Dreadful and unavailable customer care


You give a service number for international transfers but it has a recorded message saying it’s for lost / stolen cards only.
How do I get to someone about my transfer to US Bank account going missing?


It’s been almost 4 hours since opening and still no response???


Hi! I believe that US bank transfers are not available yet… You can also reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp/ :slight_smile:


That’s BS. You took my money all $500on the 8th of May. Gave 1-3 business days for delivery to US Bank Account. It says completed on the transaction statement on Revolut. Your customer service is non existent. Now you say US bank account transfers not available??? Yet you keep advertising this feature. This is not good at all


I do not use twitter for obvious hacking security reasons. why would you put your customer service exclusively on twitter. Your other platforms for customer service do not work!!


I’m going to share these dreadful tales of crap service on other social media so people around the world can realise that Revolut service is NON existent!


I’ll have to physically go to Revolut offices in Canary Wharf and create merry hell to get some attention. Watch out for the news today!


I would warmly advise you to read the official FAQ section where most of these issues are covered. Many problems arise and many new users get frustrated for not having gotten familiar with the service at all.


And equally, I would warmly advise you that I have read the FAQ and nowhere does Revolut say you cannot transfer $ to a beneficiary’s bank account in the USA. The only issue is if you’re a US Resident. I am NOT.
The transfer is supposed to take 3-5 days. Revolut statement says $500 transfer to beneficiary’s US bank account is Complete, but beneficiary has NO such funds in their account. I smell a rat here!


Sorry, I assumed you were a US resident.


Hi all,

I was a bit worried when I saw all of the negative comments regarding customer service, particularly when I urgently needed to speak to someone to rectify a delivery issue.

Whilst not immediate, within 30 mins I had spoken to Andreas K. and he had sorted my issue quickly and efficiently. This was achieved through FB.

Andreas K. gets a big thumbs up for Customer Service from me.


I have been trying to get a response from somone for 48 hours, the in app chat doesn’t seem to be working for me and I can’t read anyone on twitter I even messaged the head of communications, funny how they can still retweet something after me contacting them but not help me!!!


Bully for you Lucy. You must be the only person to have actually spoken to Revolut. They’re like the scarlet pimpernel: they’re nowhere to be seen!

Best regards,


No surprises that still no response from a Revolut customer service. This is now over 10 hours


I know how you feel, you wait a couple of hours to get a reply from them and then when you finally get one, you might be unailable and they close the chat…only to start the entire process again!


The trouble is I think Andreas IS the customer service. Rarely do I see any other names!!


That’s not so bad - I’m waiting 4 days already :wink:


In the US loaded money into card at 3am uk time, tried to pay hotel bill, transaction blocked due to 'suspicious activity ’ I try again now account blocked apparently . Still waiting at 17:52 for some ‘customer support’ you simply cannot rely upon this product and I shall be writing to those companies, such as money saving expert to inform them relying upon this card can get users into serious financial jeopardy.

I believe they are purposely delaying users accounts/ transactions so they are holding more capital to use/invest (peer to peer lending).

How does this company receive a mandate to operate , are they regulated by the FSA or whatever they are called nowadays?


My understanding of the way in which the Revolut–customer relationship is structured is that the money is firewalled.

Revolut is not a traditional (UK) retail bank, where they are allowed to use customer money and allocate that for business loans.

This is analogous of a trust law relationship, rather than a principal–agent relationship.