Drastic reduction of foreign exchange limit to US customers!!!

Just now received the following email from Revolut:


Foreign exchange

Standard plan customers will receive up to $1,000 in foreign exchanges (FX) monthly with no fees applied. Premium and Metal plan users will continue to enjoy unlimited FX.


Standard and Premium customers will get 2 free cards, per plan year. Additional cards are available for $12.99 each.

Weekend FX markups

The weekend rate has changed from 0.5% to a 1.0% fee on USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY, SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD, DKK, and PLN. All other currencies except THB, RUB and UAH are 2%.

This is also discussed here: New T& Cs from August 2020


Yep, nothing new. :sweat_smile:

May be not new to you. For me, it is. Currently, my FX limit is $6,500. It is a steep reduction.

Well it was foreseeable. The other thread is fairly popular. If you just use it as a normal bank account in your country it won’t affect you much, or?

True. Revolut is my regular spending account.
Though the change in limit is not going to affect me much currently, the change in limit is drastic.
Totally understand that Revolut is trying to make profit to sustain its growth.
My concern is that their growth rate in USA is not comparable to N26 which already acquired 500K customers.

What makes Revolut better than N26 in the US?

Definitely, the mobile app is much much better.
Revolut allows instantaneous top up via debit card, and ApplePay.
It is quicker to transfer funds out of Revolut to local bank. The very next day it hits your bank account. Normally, it takes 3 days for inter bank transfer in US.
Virtual debit card is something unique to Revolut. Even with credit cards, currently, only Capital One is offering it.
Multi currency account makes it easier to manage FX during travel and international transfer.
Rewards feature is good though it needs to be customised to make it attractive in comparison to Cash App and Venmo.
Savings vault is handy to set aside funds for emergency and future expenses.

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Is not unique to Revolut
https://www.jyskebank.dk had virtual card for years
Since google pay launched
So people could create an online account, and get a virtual card for less than a real card
To get google pay or apple pay
https://lunarway.com also offer virtual card. Thats change CC number every hour
To protect agains fraud without need for a new card every time

Curve also offer virtual cards
Now you have to pay for shipping for a card

Thats are unique to revolut are there single used cards, that generate a new card after every usage

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Please advise that @nomadus is an US customer and talks about the US market. What may be old news for us, seems to be groundbreaking over there.

@nomadus Please try to mark any news from you as US market news to avoid confusions.

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Oops. My bad. I didn’t state that all my posts were related to US market only.

As mentioned in my below post, this is a unique feature for the US market.
Revolut has 2 different virtual cards - one without any physical card; but the card number remains same and another one is for one time usage; the number changes after every usage.