Downloading Transactions

I am a user of Banktivity 6 in the UK. Most banks allow the app to connect directly and download transactions. Since switching from Quicken I have got very used to this. I hope you will join that club very soon

Open API will be coming to :R: soon. In that case, it may be possible for an app to integrate with :R: directly.

Any update on this? It is an impediment to using at the moment not being able to download transactions into finance software. I noticed that Business Revolut show up in Banktivity


the age of manually re-typing transactions is over …

Is it possible kow to download the transaction and have them sent by email?? if yes how??

I found how to get the .xlm or PDF of the transaction-account balance on the main screen there is the icon with the three dots( the more stuff icon ) and there is a page in italia called estratto conto