Download app to new cellphone

Hi, I downloaded app R to new cellphone. But I cannot to get my old account with card to new cellphone. When I type my registered phone number, app say “Phone number has already been registered.” I cannot use my old account. Can you help me?

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You dont register a new account you need to login with your existing phone number.

Thank for a little help. But in app R I cannot to find button for login. Therefore I have not way to get into my account. After instalation app R wants to automatically registered, but not login. Can you still help me?

That’s right, there is no difference between logging in and signing up. The app should recognize you based on your phone no. Which it does, ironically, cause you’re getting the message that the number is already in use.

There is a link on the welcome screen “changed phone number” which allows you to contact support, I believe. I would try this. They should be able to help you. Or you can contact them via Twitter.

Thank you, I´ll try to contact support.

OK, I have allready solution. In Profile, bottom line is “log out”. It is the way to login to “old” account. For Your information. Thanks for your time.

Yes. I wasn’t aware that you logged in with a new number!

That means you opened two accounts now. Since just 1 account per person is allowed, it’s probably a good idea to talk to support. They can delete the additional account. Just to make sure that you‘re not running into problems due to a T&C violation.

Good afternoon,

Sorry to reply under your comment. I have the same problem. I bough a new device and I can’t login on my old account. It’s like a loop…evrything that I insert my phone number (didn’t change) it ask me to creat a new account. I’m just trying to login to my old one. Thank you!