Double payment

Hi folks,
Just looking for some help as the support bot was useless and the live agent would take 4 hours!!!
How could I recommend that service to a friend?
Anyhow, I tried to make an online payment but it was declined by the vendor and I needed to resend the card details. I duly did and the second one went through but both went through my card. The vendor confirmed one payment. What happened to the first payment?

Hey @Jamesjpkelly :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there has been some major technical disruption :frowning:
That was most probably the cause of your problem.

The payment that didn’t go though will be reverted to your account automatically when the problem gets fully fixed. You can get the last info on Twitter:

If it doesn’t, get in touch with the support team. They’re now overflooded with requests :frowning:

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Hi Julio,
The payment was refunded to my account as you said.
Thank you


Hey @Jamesjpkelly :slight_smile:

Yay! Perfect! :star2::star_struck:

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I do not recommend investing in Revolut for the time being.
I have been taken twice of the same amount while on my revolut account I only have a credited amount.
The only response from support is to wait for the next few weeks to verify that the amount has been credited :angry:

Hi, how do I contact the support team?

I just ordered a travel card, but they charged me two shippings (instead of one). How can I let this fixed?

Thank you for your help

Go to your profile page (icon with your initials - BA). Then click the icon with the question mark in the upper left corner, scroll down to “Chat with us” and click “New chat”. If there is a information page scroll down and click “Chat to us”. Write in your question and all the details and then “Liveagent”. Then wait and pray! If this fails contact :r: via social media (twitter or facebook).