Double Payment Error

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I tried to make an online payment but it was declined by the vendor because unknowm error and I needed to resend the card details. I did it and the second one was accepted but both were chargued to my card. The vendor confirmed only the second payment. What happend with the first one?

Pending, I guess? Check help center what „pending“ means. It’s going to be reverted.

Thank you for your quick response! So… I need to wait 7 days for refund?

Well, it depends on the merchant. Its often faster in my experience.

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Another issue right now. Before that I buy something in Amazon and they rejected it. But today Amazon chargued AGAIN the same amount. I do nothing in between. I need help because was huge buy and I NEED the money.

What‘s the status of both payments? Pending or complete? Have you contacted Amazon about this?

Still pendig both, I didnt conctact with amazon, but I also did an online payment in Argos and was declined too. Im start thinking that my revolut card has a problem.

Make sure to use the identical address when making a card payment. Some merchants use AVS (Adress verification via credit card networks, they check if the billing address of the card matches the address / ZIP you gave them.)

Also, have you checked the security settings for the card? Online payments can be disabled there.

Is your account fully verified? Does the merchant accept prepaid cards?

(I assume it is not a general problem since you wrote that the 2nd payment with the 1st merchant went through.)

And this:

Maybe is because AVS. So I need to put the same adress in both cases? I’m from spain but I’m living in UK at the moment. I need to put the billing adress and deliver adress the same even when my revolut card adress is my spanish adress?

In any case, the second Amazon payment was correct and they delivered to me this same morning. So if it is AVS I dont understand why the second payment was correct because I didnt do anything between.

Yes, online payments are enabled and my account is fully verified.

I guess I need to whait those 7 days until “pending” payments changue to “complete” and expect for duplicates to be refound…

When making a payment with your Spanish card, you need to put in the billing address of that card. Topping up with a card within the Revolut is nothing else than “just” making a card payment.

I’m glad it worked now. My guess is you were affected by a short downtime of Revolut’s payment processor yesterday.

So the solution for the duplicates is to wait those 7 days, isn’t it?

You can contact the merchant, ask to release funds earlier, ask for a confirmation code that is then sent via mail to Revolut so that they can release the blocked funds earlier … or just wait until it happens.

Just keep an eye on the status. As long as it is pending, it should be okay. If you end up with double „completed“ payments, it‘s time to contact the merchant to complain about being charged twice.

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Hi again! After 4 days Amazon returned my money and today, after 7 days, Argos and the other merchant returned my founds too. Since the problems I bought a couple of cheap things on Amazon just for testing and it went well. I didnt changue anything so probably I was afected by the general error.

I really want to thank you Frank for all your answers.